The future of SmartGlass

What is Shadevision?


Shadevision is a system which selectively darkens

car glass by using LCD darkening film. We call it SmartShading.

We deliver customized SmartShading solutions

As a pioneer in LCD film technology, Shadevision brings electronic sun shading solutions to the automotive and aviation industry.


Advantages of SmartShading

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

  • Block out heat

  • Eliminate shades and visors

  • Reduce heat inside the vehicle even when parked

  • Expand design freedom and creativity

  • Reduce hazardous glare

  • Increase of comfort and safety

  • Protect interiors

  • Increased privacy, security and acoustics

  • Reduce heating and air conditioning requirement

Technical Advantages over Competitors

Ultra low power consumption


Shadevision uses ultra low power consumption of less than 1 Watt / sqm. Competitors systems use up to 10x power


Ultra fast


22 millisecond transition times from non-activated to the activated state. Technologies from compeditors have much slower transitioning times up to minutes.

Ultra easy


Shadevision uses standard vehicle infrastructure. Our system operates at 12 Vpp standard vehicle on-board power infrastructure. Competitors often require complicated 110V converters for operation.

Ultra flexible


Because Shadevision uses LCD film, we are flexible with the typ of application. Almost any cenvex form is possible.


Shadevision Applications

Shadevision delivers glass shading solutions for automotive, aviation, public transport and architecture. With its ultra flexible production, Shadevision is able to develop individual solutions within a very short time frame. Contact us for more infos.

Panorama roof shading

Shadevision panorama roofs shading block out the interior heat, and makes for an entirely new level of relaxed interior atmosphere.

Side window shading

Shadevision for rear-windows enable a whole new level of privacy. With Shadevision side-windows block outside views by touch control.

Glass architecture​

Shadevision eliminates blinds and mechanical shades and can be fully integrated into home automation systems.


Shadevision for aviation enables completely new design options. Shadevision is a low maintanance system and saves weight and increase cabin space.

Advantages of Shadevision technology

  • Ultra Fast transition speed between light and dark tinted states

  • 99% of UV light protection, while not consuming any power

  • 50-60 times darker as ordinary sunroof

  • 20-70 times darker than conventional tinted glass 

  • Speed is not size dependent

  • Infinite tuneability between light and dark tinted states

What makes Shadevision SmartGlass unique?

„Because we use flexible LCD film, our technology is well beyond of competitors solutions such as SPD and Electrochromic.“

Dr. Martin Hainfellner, CEO Shadevision

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